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Chiropractor Pittsford NY Peter DeLoeDr. Peter DeLoe was born and raised in a small town called Weston in Connecticut. With two brothers, a sister, lots of neighbors and a father who played pro football, athletics were a way of life.

After 12 years of playing football, Dr. DeLoe was in need of some care of his own for a lower back injury. Getting no relief with traditional medical care, he was referred to a chiropractor. The results were so dramatic, he pursued the profession and it became a new way of life. Instead of causing injuries to himself (and others), he decided a profession that promotes health and wellness had a much brighter future!

After graduating from Wittenberg University in Ohio with a pre-med degree, Dr. DeLoe moved to Minnesota where he attended the Northwestern College of Chiropractic. At NCC he was introduced to a special type of Chiropractic called the “Gonstead Technique.” Dr. DeLoe was drawn to this unique system of chiropractic because it was able to help him with his own injuries unlike anything before. He observed other Gonstead practitioners and saw that they were helping others that no one else could help. The systematic and precise approach of this type of chiropractic just made sense to Dr. DeLoe.

The Gonstead System

drgonsteadAfter receiving his doctor of chiropractic degree, Dr. DeLoe worked with one of the most reknowned Gonstead chiropractors in the world, Dr. J. Larry Troxell. Having trained thousands of chiropractors from all over the world, Dr. Troxell is one of the most influential educators of the Gonstead System. After spending two years working with Dr. Troxell, Dr. DeLoe has also become involved in teaching this unique chiropractic approach.

Currently, Dr. DeLoe is involved with Gonstead Methodology Institute as well as Gonstead Clinical Studies Society, both non-profit teaching organizations. These groups teach seminars to doctors and students within the profession. Dr. DeLoe has always felt that the best way to give back to his profession is to improve the skills of the profession. He also feels that this is the best way to help more people get well! Dr. Deloe has also been invited quite a few times to teach the Gonstead method to the students at the Anglo-European Chiropractic College in Bournemouth, England. He hopes to continue teaching globally to share the vast amount of knowledge that was given to him from Dr. Larry Troxell.

Dr. Deloe Teaching at Gonstead Seminars

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